Our Steam Games Festival Recap (Week 19 Update)

by Zack "Zappy" Maldonado on 2020/06/29


This week, I review how the Steam Games Festival went! We ran various livestream events and if you didn't catch them when they happened, we have the streams recorded to watch later. I took the last week off to rest up for our next steps forward with the project.


Showcase the game

Important Dates:

  • Steam Games Festival (Demo Deadline: May 15th, 2020, Event: June 16th to June 22nd)
    • The Steam Games Festival wrapped up two weeks ago! It was big event and we are happy to have been apart of it. You can wishlist the game on Steam.


We were doing weekly playtests leading up to the Steam Games Festival and we will consider continuing to do that, balancing playtests with getting in enough fixes for issues that users have in time.

Support User Generated Content

We are running our second ever Story Jam in Discord the next couple of weeks. The theme is "A Party at Ravenheart". I'll be adding new scripting features to allow creators to play around with story telling more.

Steam Games Festival


During the festival, we saw a distinct spike for the number of wishlists RavenHeart Hospital received. We received more wishlists for the game during the week of the Steam Games Festival than all other times combined. This uptick I believe is based on mostly new players being introduced to the game through the Steam Games Festival featuring, which is exactly what we were hoping the festival would do.

Daily wishlist data over the past several weeks.

Events - Developer Playthrough Livestream

On the first day of the festival, JT and I did a developer playthrough of the game. We played through all of the character episodes and operations and answered various questions. We also did a developer Q&A on our Discord server.

Here are some of the big questions that we got and continue to answer:

  • What makes this game different from Trauma Center or LifeSigns?
    • We want to expand the game to have more romantic and visual-novel like gameplay. We don't want the game to feel linear and to reward players for engaging with our characters. Supporting user-generated content has also been something that JT and I have been interested with games and we've already seen how one generation of games with modding support can enable the next generation of game developers. We love fandoms and fan-fictions and saw the opportunity to support such content directly within the game.
  • Are you planning on introducing a pathogen along the lines of Guilt / Stigma / etc?
    • We don't want to reveal too much information about this, since it can affect the story of the game, but we do have an idea of a kind of pathogen that could exist in the world, codenamed "Strages"
  • What's the most high stakes operation we have planned?
    • We are of two minds for this. On the one hand, we have a plan for a more traditional high stakes operation, where you have to quickly perform surgery on an airplane pilot while repairing mechanical malfunctions with the plane. The other train of thought is a quirkier take on "high-steaks" operations, where you assist Big Tex at a large BBQ cookout, grilling steaks and making sure nothing gets charred.

Events - Story Pack Creation Walkthrough

As I've said before, we really value supporting user-generated content. During the festival, we did a livestream to walkthrough how players can easily create their own cutscenes and characters to import into the game.

We walk through the basic setup for a cutscene, creating choices, changing out background art and music, moving characters around the screen, gaining and having exclusive story lines based on character's affection level, and custom character configuration.

Future Plans

Planning Week

I took last week off to get some rest since the beginning of starting RavenHeart Games. This week, JT and I will talk about what the next milestones for RavenHeart Hospital. We will review more details about how the Steam Games Festival went and how other devs we know found it. We have been talking about more procedures and character episodes to develop. This is a time to reflect on the project and how we push it forward.

The End

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of our studio's status update. Each week, we try to bring new and interesting updates about how our studio and game are developing that we think people will like and learn from.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback for me, you can email me, Zappy, at zappy@ravenheartgames.com.

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